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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

A-Z April: Noir

 Let it never be said I don't give my readers WHAT THEY WANT!

After my Cliffhanger, there was a veritable uproar (what? three people *totally* counts as 'uproar') that I'd left them hanging, desperate to know what happens to our intrepid heroine. I tried telling them that the point of a cliffhanger is to be left hanging. But they beat me up, so I wrote THE SIDEWAYS SEQUEL - enjoy.

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

A-Z April: Mystery (or Mandi, or Muse)

You know what? I'm inconsistent. It's my prerogative, definitely. So when Lisa suggested 'Mystery' for my 'M', the only thing I could think of was the next part of Anitra's story - this time taking us back to a time between Shadows and Stardust, and The Wasted Minstrel. If you've not been following the thread of this story (which I intend to bring into fullness, and seek publication for) then do at least give Shadows and Stardust a quick squizz before you read this.

And my thanks again to Mandi, without whom there would be no story (and, in this instance, because she's amazing and definitely bailed me out at the last moment, without her there also would be no beautiful, perfect image for the piece).

Sunday, 13 April 2014

A-Z April: Love Letter

Actually, I’m grateful for the opportunity of Kate’s challenge to write this. Shielded by the relative anonymity of the Blogosphere (and the knowledge that even if you somehow read this, it won’t matter, or come to anything) I can be absolutely honest and share my feelings without inhibition.

I know that I’m married, but in this day and age, does it matter? I need to tell you this – it doesn’t have to go anywhere…

Friday, 11 April 2014

Ten Things of Thankful #43 (A-Z April: Kishotenketsu)

Letter K was rather a sticking point for my darling bloggers who tried so hard to help me all the way to 26 alphabetical writing styles. Not one person came up with a single idea, which isn’t all that surprising, as a few hours of research showed me – there is only ONE style of writing beginning with K – Kishotenketsu (try saying that ten times, quickly!)

Thursday, 10 April 2014

A-Z April: Jingles

I have Cyn of Cynking Feeling to thank for giving me the topic of Jingles today. I had several suggestions for Journals, but yaknow what – I do that style of post often enough. I wanted something NEW and EXCITING. I was hoping it would be a BRAVE STEP. I was wondering if it could be a new source of CREATIVE OUTPOURING.

I was an IDIOT.

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

A-Z April: Interview (OHMIGOSH YES!)

My darling Piper was INSPIRED when she suggested that I is for INTERVIEW, because she sent me into a tailspin of inadequacy (never having interviewed anyone before), not to mention a huge concern that I didn't have anyone NEW and FASCINATING to share (after all, you all know each other - and I refuse to antagonise by picking a favourite (yet)).

So when I stumbled across the following (incredibly dark and delightful) meme on Facebook one night, I knew EXACTLY who to ask for the honour - though quite what levels of grovelling I'd need to secure Helena Hann-Basquiat (authoress supreme of the most delightful 'Memoirs of a Dilettante') I had no idea! But then I could always just kidnap her...

A-Z April: Heart-to-Heart

My dear bloggy friend K suggested I write a heart-to-heart. Little did I know that instead of a ‘Real Person’ and an actual conversation, I’d get another dose of my Sub-Conscious…

Some days it's tough living in my own head.

SC: Darlings, it’s been a while, and I’m sure you’ve missed me. I’m back again (sans invitation) because I know this schmuck needs me. Her head’s a mess. Not even with “proper” stuff any more – just the silly little things of life, and I have to swoop in like some kind of Fairy Godfather and talk some sense into her. At least I have my voice back.

You’re back? Oh...*goody*

SC: Easy on the sarcasm, kiddo – you and I need a chat.