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Wednesday, 23 April 2014

A-Z April: Urban Fantasy

Oh, do you remember what happened in my Cliffhanger? And how I was surrounded? Do you remember the darkness of Noir and the vile invention - the Bodysnatcher - which with beams too strong to mention perhaps undid a cyclist in the woods and turned her into dust, because it could - and merely to test the power it could wield, to be sold as an assassin's tool within the field of removal...

WELL - what was once removed, may be returned, and what was safe might now be quite precarious - time will tell...

A-Z April: Telegram

My thanks to Jen, of Driftwood Gardens for thinking me into a T: Telegrams - the oldest form of text message, sent only in case of importance (for they were costly per word, and needed paring back to their most succinct), and often received under tragic circumstances, particularly in wartime.

Monday, 21 April 2014

A-Z April: Stream of Consciousness

You can thank Clark for this later - I have no idea what kind of ride it's going to be. Bumpy, most likely because my mood has become...

Well, let's see. There are the physical factors - I'm hungry (yet not hungry enough to get of my butt and go prepare food) and when in that state, Grumpy and Snarky are usually the next two dwarves to take up residence in my brain; it's dark (too lazy to get up and turn a light on) and the darkness is cloying and pulling me down; and I need to pee. But that's on purpose because I once heard that you make better decisions when you're busting, so I'm hoping it will improve this post. We'll see.

A-Z April: Review

When it came to writing a review which was a) not dumb*, b) about a 'thing' rather than another book**, and c) about something halfway relevant to my life, and the Blogosphere (I still want y'all to read this, and why would you, if it weren't pertinent?), there was really only one thing I could pick...the Tigger Suit.

Sunday, 20 April 2014

No Greater Love

Don’t grow up war-torn.

It can leave you battle-scarred in the most unexpected of ways – I have the physical scars, because very few escape without them, and the mental and emotional scars of seeing so many deaths – of a constant, agonised community bowed low under the weight of so many bodies needing burial – the ever-present weeping which works its way into your bones until they cry out in harmony with whichever friend of a friend of a neighbour of a co-worker has lost someone close.

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Ten Things of Thankful #44 (A-Z April: Quiz)

Did you ever read something which leaped off the page at you, and burned behind your eyes as though carving its meaning, with lasers, into your brain? Have you ever felt that echo - that stillness and shuddering recognition - as the meaning struck your soul like a hammer against a gong, causing your whole being to phase slightly out of reality, and back in, renewed; with fresh perspective.

I love those moments, and on this weekend where for some the meaning is no more than 'Happy Chocolate Day', whilst for others it's perhaps the most profound date in their calendar, I'd love to bring you a few of my (utterly unrelated to the season) favourite quotes, found lately, and repurposed here as a QUIZ (thanks Gwen)

Look into my eyes - there's a universe there...

Friday, 18 April 2014

A-Z April: Press Release

               Watch me answer your burning questions.

Special to the Blogosphere

UK, 18th April, 2014 - Participating in a series set in motion by the internet’s favourite Ninja-Hacker-Hooker-Spy, Aussa Lorens, The Considerer (Lizzi) has been invited to make the opportunity for YOU to ask her anything.